We look forward to springtime for many reasons around the Abundance Inc. Inc. office. Spring is an ideal time to freshen up our workspace, for one thing. It’s also a natural time to reevaluate our goals for the year. We’ve found that spring cleaning can include our résumés. We take advantage of the change in season to make revisions in the following ways:

• Editing the Skills Section: Whether we’ve taken classes, given presentations, or mastered a new software program, we make sure to add our new capabilities to our CVs. We might take inventory of our hard and soft skills as well, deleting some dated ones if necessary. Giving the best picture of our abilities is always important.

• Checking for Keywords: Jargon changes along with any industry, so we make sure the words with the most buzz are included in our résumés. We peruse other job descriptions in our field to find the words that catch people’s eyes.

• Streamlining the Format: Sweating the details has been a big part of Abundance Inc. Inc.’s success. It’s important to do the same with your résumé. Be sure the style is consistent throughout the document, and that the spacing, font, and margins add up to an easily readable page.

Taking some time to refresh your résumé this spring can lead to significant career growth. For more of our best success tips, follow Abundance Inc. Inc. on LinkedIn.

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